About Us

PHABTECH DISTRIBUTIONS LIMITED has over 6 years of experience as the leading distributor and wholesaler in the UK. With the highest level of customer service and support, Phabtech Distributions Limited , has grown to be one of the recognized leader as a distributor of GSM Mobile Phones, Tablets, Blue Tooth, consmer electronics, data Memory Cards and Many more products.
Contact us to experience the ultimate combination of service, support and the best prices for the world’s best brands and products.

PHABTECH DISTRIBUTIONS LIMITED is based in Preston, with a state of the art distribution center and corporate headquarters located in Preston, Lancashirre, UK. With great sourcing and prices in the leading brand names, as well as our well developed distribution and delivery network, our customers have grown accustomed and continue to receive the world’s best brands with great prices and on-time delivery. Our philosophy has always been focused on combining the best of brands with the best of service.


*This commitment to quality has lead to tremendous growth in our customer base, as well as the range of brands and products we offer*.